Thursday, 21 March 2019

Colours in Titles

Colours in titles evoke emotion immediately. It's so much so I wonder why I haven't used them more often! Here are the ones I have used... I see one black, three blue, three gold, three silver and one green.  Where are the yellows, pinks, reds, oranges, greys...?

Beyond the Black Stump (2002)

Blue Gold (1999)
Blue Moon Animal Day (1987)
The Blue Stealer (2009)

Fools' Gold (2000)
Gold and Mud (2008)
​Gold Team (2009)

Green Balls (2017) (Fairy in the Bed series)

The Silver Egg (1999)
The Silvering (2018) (Elydian Dawn 2)
​The Silver Skateboard (2016)

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