Saturday 30 March 2019

Betony Field's Vouch-Safe leaflet

Object post:

Betony Field's
Vouch-Safe Leaflet

Source: She picked it up in the V-S Cafe in London
Significance: It turned up just when she needed it
Fate: No doubt Betony kept it forever
From: Betony Buys Adventure

Betony was hunched in a cafe with her life in ruins when she picked up a leaflet someone dropped while restocking the holders on the cafe tables. With no family and few friends, no job and soon no home, the last thing on her mind was a stray bit of paper, and after looking it over she dismissed it from her mind.

A year later, with her life back on track, Betony found the leaflet in her coat pocket where she must have stashed it.

V-S: What Would You Pay to Buy Your Dream?

With nothing to lose and an unexpected week to herself, Betony returned to the cafe to investigate the leaflet's provenance.  

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