Friday, 1 March 2019

2019 in Focus: February

2019 in Focus: February

Every day in February I went out for a walk with my tablet camera and took photos. I chose one or more to represent that day and wrote some accompanying verse. Each photo and verse was created on the stated day with one admitted and one unadmitted exception. In those cases, the photo was taken the day before.
The photos are not all in focus, but when I chose a fuzzy one it was for a good reason.
February was full of late summer images, all of which, sometimes with a little stretch, had to do with the letter F.

I made some of the photos into triptychs or collages. A few of them have been digitally altered to remove something ugly and intrusive. This was done in Paint. The colour, brightness and contrast are left natural and I didn’t use any effects with the exception of the twinned picture on the first page which, just for fun, I pushed up to maximum saturation. The coloured frames and text were mostly done using sampled colour from the photos.

This is a private publication, done just for fun. I'm hoping to do a book for each month of 2019. For the first one, in January, I did test copies in A5 and also in A4. The A5 version turned out better, because the larger one had spiral binding which punched through some of the content. The A5 was fine, so February and the following volumes will be that size. I intended to do just one or two pieces per day, but somehow it turned out to be more than that with 79 poems and over 100 photos making the cut. It will be interesting to see if I can restrain myself in March! I assume that as the weather becomes less conducive to long walks the photographs will become fewer...

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