Monday 18 March 2019

A-Books The Ancient Hare

The Ancient Hare is one of the poems in the book ANIMALS IN SILHOUETTE. I wrote it after I found a wonderful old engraving on a free graphics site.

The Ancient Hare

This ancient hare was drawn
In 1754
Think about that for a minute
That was the time
The word serendipity came into use
That was when George Washington was 22
But the dodo had been extinct for 70 years
No one had flown a plane
Or even a hot air balloon
Or (clearly) been to the moon
The most famous hare in literature
Mad March Hare from Alice
Wouldn’t appear for 111 years
If you were a girl you’d probably wear
A long stiff dress to your ankles
If you were a little boy
You’d feel fine in petticoats
You might have played with dolls
Toy soldiers, or ridden a hobby horse
You could even have had a board game!
You might have had a book called
A Little Pretty Pocket Book
And you wouldn’t have had to bother
Learning your left shoe from your right
‘cos they were both the same.
So this hare
                 Is very

Don’t be silly, of course he never saw a dinosaur. Now those are seriously old.

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