Thursday, 12 October 2017

Sleepless in Space

Sleepless in Space(2002) Post 286

Sleepless in Space is a science fiction  story for young readers. Jed Star's grandfather is famous as the inventor of starspinner drive, a new starship drive that has reduced interstellar travel time to 1%. In his starship Starbringer, he's conduction colonists to the new world of Serendipity. Jed is travelling with him, and he's afraid... not of the journey, but of boredom. Jed has insomnia and the thought of lying awake for months while everyone else sleeps in hypnobeds horrifies him.
Grandad says it's all in his mind, but sure enough, one month into the journey Jed wakes for the second time. This time, however, his wakefulness proves a positive thing, because three Freespacers intend to hijack the Starbringer. Can one ten-year-old boy foil three space pirates?
Well, obviously... all because he's sleepless in space.
I've always loved the cover of this one. The colours are so rich... it reminds me of a crayon or oil painting.


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