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Lilly of Mirryam

Lilly of Mirryam (2013) Post 275

Lilly of Mirryam is an unusual one for me, because it's a fantasy about politics. That is, politics plays a key part in the plot. 
As the blurb has it...

Do you believe in magic?
Do you believe in politics?
Could you believe in both?

Princess Lillianda lives in the pocket kingdom of Mirryam, a tiny independent country surrounded on all sides by its larger neighbour, Bellover. King Donathan rules with a kindly and casual hand and the Mirryamites are happy with their lot. Only Princess Lilly's governesses have a problem... A princessly princess they could understand, but how to stop Lilly running wild is beyond them. But now things are changing. Duke Bezzal of Bellover has come up with a proposition, and is determined to have his way. Will tiny Mirryam lose its independence and be forcibly subsumed and modernised? Or can Lilly and her odd friend, Jedket, prevail on Concordant Florrin, the independent arbiter, to rule in Mirryam's favour? 

There's a referendum, and the annoying problem of not being able to lay ones hand on the thing one was certain was there... See, for Mirryam to stay independent, it has to prove itself somehow different from Bellover. It has to prove it has something not found in its larger embracing neighbour. Lilly knows several possibilities, but when she tries to show them to the concordant, they are mysteriously missing. There's not only a political problem to solve, but also a mystery. Is Lilly suffering galloping imaginitis, or not?

The paperback can be bought here
The epub version is available here


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