Monday, 2 October 2017

Mini Pigs

Mini Pigs (1995) Post 276

Mini Pigs is a companion story to Silly Ass, and also to My Father, the Mad Professor. In this one, Sam wants to enter the pet parade at school. So does her sister, Mardi. Their pet Lollicat is a family pet, and Donkey is bound to cause problems, so Mum and Dad allow them to get two female guinea pigs from the pet shop. Female, they stress. Ginger and Patch duly arrive, and acquit themselves nicely at the pet parade, although Erica with her dad's parrot wins the prize, the girls are happy, though Mardi does keep telling Sam that Patch is fat.
Mini-piglets duly arrive, and trouble ensues as the population rapidly grows to seventeen. This story is based partly on fact. We had guinea pigs when our children were young. They were half-grown females, which turned out to be in-pig already. We also discovered unweaned piggie boars were quite able to father the next generation... The other fact came from when my dad grew a paddock of pumpkins and tried to give them away. No one wanted them until he slapped a charge of sixpence each...


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