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Dangerous Ride

Dangerous Ride (1989) Post 289

Dangerous Ride is one of three longer novelisations I did

in the 1980s-90s. (The other two were Skippy and the Bird Smugglers and The Adventures of Blinky Bill. This is a story excerpted from some episodes of Home and Away. I was contracted to do the job, and given a fortnight to do it. I also had a word-count to handle... I think it was 40,000 words. In those days, I could quite easily write that fast, so I agreed happily enough. Then the scripts arrived. Not A script, but a PILE of them. I had to follow the plot thread through these scripts and pull out the story. Okay. Problem one. I had never seen Home and Away. It wasn't shown in Tasmania at that time, and videos of existing programs weren't really about either. This fact meant I kept needing to know who various people were and how they related to one another. Problem two. One of the scripts was missing, so I had to create a major pivotal scene from imagination. Needless to say, I got it wrong, as I had no idea what had happened or what the character looked like.  I have a feeling the final script was couriered to me the day I was meant to hand in the novelisation. Okay, I rewrote the scene. I probably sent it by overnight courier... anyway, I did the job and got paid, and eventually, some time later, I did see some episodes of Home and Away and finally knew who these people were. It was an interesting job and (I think) my first novelisation job. I used the pen name Sally Darroll because the characters and plot weren't mine. 

Should you be interested in Home and Away novelisations, including mine, check out


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