Thursday 21 February 2019

Fountain Lamps

As anyone noting another of my blogs, 2019 in Focus, would know, I'm amusing myself by taking my camera out each day on my walks and writing a poem or so inspired by the photos. February's pieces all deal with things that feature the letter F. One of the photos for 20/02/19 was a big fountain-shaped clump of dry grass. I've noticed it before, but today I decided to photograph it. It came up well in the picture. Not all things I try to photograph do. While writing the verse, I remembered a fountain-shaped lamp of glowing filaments (fibre-optics?) my great aunt had in the 1970s... I found some pictures on Google search and there they were...
What has this to do with my books? Well, the grass fountain will end up in 2019 in Focus: February at the end of the month.

March is going to feature Memory Lane. That should be fun.

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