Saturday 23 February 2019

Cathie Casey’s Ten Shilling Brooch

Object Post 162:

Cathie Casey’s
Ten Shilling Brooch
From Dolphin

Source: Father bought it for her
Significance: It was one of the things Dolphin saved from Bad Jack
Fate: Cathie would have kept it and possibly handed it on to her daughter
“Every lady should have her jewels,” said Father and he held out a little gold brooch in the shape of a flower. “This cost ten shillings,” said Father, “and I think I got a good bargain.”

When Cathie Casey’s father sold some timber in Hobart Town, he brought back gifts for the family. The ten shilling brooch was for Cathie. Mother said it was too good for a child, and should be locked away. The servant girl Dolphin also disapproved, saying what useful things the master could have got for the same money. However, Cathie loved the brooch and wore it often.
As Father said, “it has a chain and a pin as well as a catch at the back.”
Cathie was wearing the brooch when Bad Jack arrived. Mother and Father were away, and Cathie was in Dolphin’s care. Dolphin quickly removed Cathie’s brooch and dumped it in a crock of oatmeal. She also hid other valuables in ingenious ways, and cozened Bad Jack into swallowing syrup of figs with his stewed quinces… Cathie’s brooch was saved, and Father was so pleased with Dolphin’s ingenuity and loyalty that he promised her a gift. Dolphin, ever practical, asked for a cow!

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