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Cordelia Petros

Cordelia Petros from The Peacock's Pearl (2016) Character Post 7

Dr Cordelia Petros is the only daughter of Steven Petros, a flamboyant Greek-born man who was raised in Scotland and his wife Olivia. Both her parents are practising witches, though Olivia generally confines herself to kitchen-magic with the help of her familiar Tabbita. Cordelia is fond of her parents, but as a teenager she found them embarrassing, and so when she went to university, she elected to attend one two states away from her childhood home. Away from their influence, she built her own life, studying environmental science and botany and purposely losing touch with her witch heritage. 
During her time at university, she met a mysterious man and fell pregnant. She gave birth to her daughter Catharina "Cat" and, typically, left the university hostel without telling her parents. By the time they discovered her whereabouts, Cat was already six or seven weeks old. Apart from bestowing the surname "Mahal" on Cat, Cordelia has always refused to talk about her brief love affair. Having qualified as a Doctor of Ecology, she works happily in the education system. She has a friendly if rather distant relationship with Olivia and Steven, and a cool but cordial one with her 4X great grandmother Elizabeth. Elizabeth still looks twenty-five, but although Cordelia knows her history she never acknowledges it. She tolerates Tish-Tash, her daughter's familiar.
If Cordelia has a passion for anything but botany, it's in her fascination with vintage and antique jewellery, something she shares with Elizabeth. Single for the past sixteen years, she's recently become friendly with Dominic Beckingham, who teaches art history. Dominic is her very distant cousin, but Cordelia is unaware of this. With Cat growing into witchhood, Cordelia goes on stubbornly keeping her secrets. As Cat puts it, "Mum knows, but she doesn't..." Nevertheless, Cat is very important to Cordelia, who has given her an old flip-phone with the instruction to keep in with her, to keep it on, and to "call any time if you need me".
Cordelia appears in the book The Peacock's Pearl.


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