Monday 5 August 2019

Husband of the Year - Not

A Chocolate Misapprehension

Chocky Lochie loved his choc; he loved his chocolate a lot
Choc-fuelled, he vaunted grant ambition for a high-choc-chief position
For this honour Chocky knew he had to render something new…
So Chocky Lochie made a plan; a clever-clogsy kind of scam
He went to Marge, his patient wife and swore upon his munching life
If she would lend her time machine he’d polish it and make it gleam…
Chocky Lochie took the helm and high-tailed to the Aztec realm
Parleyed there and made an offer for the contents of their coffers
Roaring, “Chocolate ahoy!” this chocolate-consuming boy
Flittered back to Chocolate Town hoping for his new renown.
With eagerness and fell intention he proclaimed his own invention
Chocolate as you’ve never eaten! Now, I know it can’t be beaten!
Beaming with benevolence the judges soon dispelled suspense
But their faces frowned and scrunched for Chocky’s loot could not be munched…
Bravely though, they raised and sipped. The chocolate foamed and oozed and dripped
Ick! It had a bitter taste and Chocky’s efforts went to waste

You see, he’d never realised that modern chocolate is disguised
The bitter foaming peppered slop is now a solid moreish block
So Chocky Lochie made an error…now he lives in constant terror
Marge will find her time machine was pawned to finance Chocky’s dream.

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