Sunday 4 August 2019

A Lament on a Misnomer

Think before you use those words people come up with!

I’m not a chocoholic
The term just drives me nuts
So please refrain from using it
And if you really must
Explain to me in syllables
Of choc or o or hol-ic
Exactly how you parse the term
(It’s giving me a colic)
If I boozed unto excess
I’d be an alcoholic
That’s alcohol plus ic, you see
(And pretty melancholic)
Now play the game of mashing terms
And look at chocoholic
And you will see it flouts the form
It’s horribly shambolic
Chocolate plus ic, you see!
So give that fake the flick
And say the proper term with me
I am a chocolate-ic.

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