Saturday 6 January 2018

The Courting of Eileen

The Courting of Eileen (2018) Post 371

The Courting of Eileen is my first  published title for 2018. This is a story in the Fairy in the Bed series, and is an example of something I wrote because I wanted to know what happened. 
At the end of Floribunda and the Best Men, Hamish McTavish, one of the men of the title, who had a spare brother, struck a handshake deal with Kieran Shamrock, who had a spare sister...  So, the big brothers agreed Sean and Eileen were ideally suited to one another, but what do Sean and Eileen think? The Courting of Eileen is about what happened when they met. Being a sensible pair, they decided not to turn down an idea just because it came from their brothers... but that didn't mean they were going to start any nonsense with horseshoes and charms. 
I particularly love the cover of this one. I suggested a cow, because Eileen, being a leprechaun colleen, keeps cows. If you look to Sean's left, you can see I got one!
To see more about this adults-only story, or to buy it, click here 
To see where and how it fits in the ongoing series (all of which do stand alone) go to Lark's home page.


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