Sunday 7 January 2018

Monster Planet

Monster Planet (2007) Post 372

Monster Planet  is one of the arkies series. Pace, Singer, Merlinna and Lyam land on a new planet and are attacked by a monster. They're fighting back when someone unexpectedly comes to the rescue. To their surprise, Noko and his friends are human... boys just a few years older than the arkies. The live in a stockade, with sharpened stakes to protect themselves from the monsters. The stockaders, as they call themselves, invite the arkies to stay on, but the arkies are uneasy. It turns out that the stockaders are renegade arkies who've disabled their ship brain. They're doing unkind experiments on the monsters, and they've captured Farla Fettleman of EarthNet. The arkies have to work out how to deal with the situation, and how (and if) to rescue Farla... 


Sally is Sally Odgers; author, manuscript assessor, editor, anthologist and reader. She runs and Prints Charming Books. (Sally is me, by the way, and I am lots of other things too, but these are the relevant ones for now.)

The goal for 2017 was to write a post a day profiling the background behind one of my books; how it came to be written, what it's about, and any things of note that happened along the way. If you're an author, an aspiring author, a reader or just someone who enjoys windows into worlds, you might find this fun. The books are not in any special order, but will be assigned approximate dates, and pictures, where they exist. 2017 is now behind us, but I ran out of year before running out of books, so the blog will continue for at least the next month or so. 

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