Friday, 15 September 2017

The Ringmaster

The Ringmaster (1999) Post 259

The Ringmaster is a short book and one of the few I have ever written in which the protagonist's name is never revealed. I didn't even assign her one in my mind.

The protagonist is a child whose family tradition is rooted in the circus. She assumes she'll be a performer when she gets older, but while still a child, she develops the autoimmune disease known as juvenile arthritis. Not only is this a painful and chronic condition, but it causes deformity in her hands and other joints. The doctors say she should be able to lead a fairly normal life, but that can't include performing in a circus.
The girl is devastated, but her school friends get together to put on their own circus. They come up with acts and yes- there's a place for her. She is the Ringmaster, the one who holds the whole performance together. There are now a few stories about children with this condition, but this was probably one of the first. One of my close relatives had (and has) it so I knew from observation just how much it affects the life of the child, and of the family.


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