Wednesday, 13 September 2017

The Amazing Maze

The Amazing Maze (1995) Post 257

The Amazing Maze is an easy-read story . The narrator, Mum and Cody are driving home when the kids spot a sign for The Amazing Maze. A little targetted

begging sees Mum agree to stop, though she warns the kids about monsters...
Inside the maze the kids hear a crackle, and a red monster (unseen by the reader and the kids) chases them. They dodge by taking another path. Soon they hear a crunch...this time a blue monster is in pursuit. The kids dodge  and, tired now, decide to leave the maze. Along the way they hear a crackle and a crunch.
They escape the maze but oh no! Mum's missing! Have the monsters got  her? Then Mum emerges and says she went in after them... The kids deny seeing any monsters, but when they glance back upon leaving the maze, there are the monsters, eating ice-cream.
 This story is a little odd in structure, as traditionally THREE monsters would have been mentioned. So many years after writing this text, I can only suppose the word-count meant I couldn't fit in a third. Mind you... maybe I was consciously bucking a trend!


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