Monday, 25 September 2017

Soggy Doggy Dot Com

Soggy Doggy Dot Com (2004) Post 269

Soggy Doggy Dot Com is one of three stories narrated by twelve-year-old Baker. The other two are A Horrorday to Remember (Post 101)  and Creature Cottage (Post 86). This time, Baker puts his own spin on the dog-washing business, into which Aunt Kris has entered after losing her job as a vet nurse when the vet got married and employed his wife instead. Cousin Tiffany has turned into a Teenager, so Baker helps out, but what with stuffed dogs, puns, inappropriately-named animals, a missing mouth, a goat called Dog, green shampoo and a tiny dog called TTT with a penchant for bath plugs, Baker has his work cut out. Naturally, he is equal to the fray.
Tess Toad Tummy, the little plug eater, was named and styled after out own little old lady who also enjoyed eating plugs. Vale TTT at the age of 16. Plugs were not involved.
I had lots of fun writing about Baker. He's quite like Justin Archer, another character I always enjoyed writing.


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  1. Lots of fun there, Sally! 16 is a great age for a dog to attain ...

  2. Yes, considering she was a litter runt and lactose intolerant, and thus calcium deficient when we got her, she had a pretty good run.


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