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Lisa Leftover

Lisa Leftover (2004) Post 249
Lisa Leftover by Sally Odgers
Lisa Leftover is a story about friendship. In some cases, it's easier to make friends in a group of strangers. Lisa discovers this truth when her best friend Marina moves away. Lisa and Marina have always been a unit, with Marina supplying the creative ideas. Now Lisa is left in a class of nineteen, where she knows and gets along with everyone, but where she has no special friend. Taking Mum's advice, she tries to show an interest in what others are interested in, but she doesn't watch the same TV programs, and she feels a fraud when she queues to get the autograph of a football player she's never even heard of before. She's always on the outside, always a third wheel. She's Lisa Leftover. Her teacher thinks the ideal solution is to sit Lisa next to the new girl, Pen Smith. Lisa knows exactly what the teacher is doing, but how could anyone think plain, quiet, withdrawn Pen is a replacement for the wonderfully creative Marina?

Until I reread this one, I'd forgotten Pen's name. I used Pen Swan as the name for a main character in a book published this year. That doesn't matter, but it does show how the mind forgets things. I do recall that when I wrote the manuscript for this one it was called Lila Leftover. I remember I started a quest to use less common names for my characters after I discovered the Jenny problem and also after an editor told me she's had nine mss with the same main character name. It was either Emma or Lucy. The editor of this one changed Lila to Lisa. It's not the first time I've had a character name changed. On two occasions a main (or major) character has changed sex! It's all, as the Moody Blues put it so succinctly, "A question of balance".


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