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Cranky Paws

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 Cranky Paws  (2008) Post 193

Cranky Paws is the first of the Pet Vet series, written as a follow-up and companion to the Jack Russell: Dog Detective series. This is the story of Trump, who is the daughter of Jack Russell and Jill Russell from the station at Doggeroo. Trump lives with Doctor Jeannie Calfork, the young vet at Calfork, which is not all that far from Doggeroo. Like her dad, Trump positions herself alongside her owner as helper and equal. Doctor Jeannie is the vet, but Trump is the self-appointed ALO or Animal Liaison Officer. While Jeannie explains things to the owners, Trump explains to the pets. Jack has always said dogs can understand dogs and humans and no one else, but Trump has a mentor, Whisky the cockatoo, the retired ALO who belongs to Jeannie's grandfather, Doctor Max. Whisky has taught her how to interpret. In Cranky Paws, Trump meets a difficult patient, the street cat she dubs "Cranky Paws". Jeannie's weekend helper brings the injured cat to the clinic and thereafter Trump has to work out how to help a cat who doesn't want to be helped. In the end she's instrumental in finding Cranky Paws a new home with someone who badly needs a feline friend. CrankY Paws was published in the UK as "The Cat's Tale". You can read more about the Pet Vet series at this website.
As with the Jack Russell series, we had some fun with names in this story. Trump, our narrator is named for one of our own dogs, who in turn was named after the founding terrier acquired by the original Jack Russell, who developed the breed. Jeannie is named after another of our dogs, our Trump`s sister Jeannie. Throughout the series we borrowed and adapted names of people and animals we know. This is our Trump when young.

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