Thursday, 13 July 2017

The Mare's Tale

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 The Mare's Tale  (2008) Post 196

The Mare's Tale is the second in the Pet Vet series. Again Trump and Doctor Jeannie and their friends are out and about helping animals and owner. This time, the mare Helen of Troy is foaling, and in a panic because her companion dog, an elderly Dalmatian named Paris, isn't with her to lend the support she thinks is due to her. Trump discovers he's ill; deaf and arthritic. Doctor Jeannie has a strategy to make the old boy feel more himself while Trump volunteers to act as surrogate companion to the flighty Helen. As with the Jack Russell series, Trump can't speak "human" although she understands it pretty well. However, she has her own way of making herself understood. The second book cover shows the Finnish edition. As for the names this time; in the Odyssey, Helen of Troy was the wife of Menelaus, who eloped with Prince Paris.
The Mare's Tale is also available as an audio book from Bolinda Audio.
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