Friday, 31 March 2017

Captain Sunrise

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Captain Sunrise (Post 90)
Captain Sunrise (2016) is a historical novella set in colonial Australia. As the blurb has it: 
Miss Amanda Jones is furious when her carriage is held up by the bushranger calling himself Captain Sunrise, and even more so when he takes her diamonds. Meanwhile, her old swain Harry Opaldown returns expecting to marry her. Amanda has moved on to thoughts of a more advantageous match. This angers Harry, who decided to get Amanda's diamonds back.
​Mary Downie is willing to help him with this enterprise. Harry hesitates to use a serving girl in this way but, as Mary observes, "Using's what folk do." 

    At first glance, this probably looks like a category romance plot, but it's more of a historical melodrama. It was initially written when a small publisher advertised for writers for a proposed series of short novels. It was accepted, but as the years went on the series just never happened. This is not unusual in the publishing business, and since the book had never been contracted, I eventually self-published it. Unlike other books written some years ago, this one wasn't dated by inconvenient technology. After all, it is set in the 19th Century.

Captain Sunrise is available as paperback and epub from the links shown. It is also available from iTunes.

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