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My Father the Mad Professor

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My Father the Mad Professor (Post 69)

My Father the Mad Professor (1997), is a reading scheme book written for the educational market, but structured like a trade novel of the period. By this I mean it's a whacky comedy family story with sf leanings, rather than a book addressing a curriculum topic such as conservation, community or sustainable development. Erica Query has always been quite happy living with her mother, but now Mum has a work opportunity that is incompatible with caring for a daughter, so Erica goes to live temporarily with her unknown father, the "mad professor" of the title. Professor Query is athoroughly eccentric inventor, whereas Erica is a conformist. Erica wants to go and stay with her friend Sarah Huppington-Fairfax, but ends up with her dad instead. Through the book Erica tries to get her father to conform while he tries to expand her horizons. They drive one another nuts, but eventually come to a workable relationship.

One of the most interesting things about writing these blog posts is noticing themes that repeat through my books. I hadn't noticed before but this one has elements of Taking a Chance (Post 36) in that the main character has to spend an extended stay with a previously unknown parent whose ways and personality are difficult. Thomas Rimmer's mother is a fairy, whereas Erica Query's father is simply eccentric and egotistical, but they both create difficulties for their children while ultimately enriching their lives.

The reason I chose this one to write about today is that it was called to mind by an academic wanting to quote it in a book. I've spent some time trying to discover who holds the publication rights over it these days, since the initial publisher has been taken over or sold at least twice in the intervening years.

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