Sunday, 26 March 2017

Good Night Truck

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Good Night Truck (Post 85)
Good Night Truck (2014) is a cheerful little picture book for children who are fascinated by vehicles. The child narrator greets each toy vehicle, (truck, digger, rocket, boat etc.) and proposes a suitable game, and then swings round to put each toy away for the night. Finally, the truck, clearly the child's favourite, is tucked into bed in the position more usually occupied by a teddybear. 

I wrote this text when our grandson was small, because at the time he was fasicinated by all things vehicular and there seemed few bedtime stories of the appropriate level and subject matter. In the way of things, he was probably a little old for the book by the time it came out, but still, I dedicated it to him.

The pictures are bright and cheerful, with mild personification of the toys. The cover pictured is the US edition which is similar to the local one but which has shining stars. Good Night Truck is in print as of 2017 and can be bought in multiple places. This link is one of them.

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