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The Way of the Dragon

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The Way of the Dragon (Post 91)

The Way of the Dragon (2012) was intended to be the first in a series but as sometimes happens, this never eventuated and it came out as a one-off. A housewife finds a large egg which she decides to cook for supper. When it gets into the warmth of her kitchen, it hatches into a baby dragon. She names the infant Denzil Draggy Waggy, and raises him as a beloved pet- until he starts setting fire to things. Then she banishes him. The poor ex-pet meets a neglected child, and they team up. Their reluctant mentor is a very old dragon who has hibernated for a long time. He wakes when Young Simpkins falls into his cave. All ends happily in the end, after Simpkins and Denzil find the perfect home.
   The Way of the Dragon is an adventure story, but it's also thematically about the dangers of inconsistent nurturing, or no nurturing at all. Then there's Didymous Drake, the old curmudgeon who finds a new interest in life.

When I first saw the cover for this book, I "saw" a dodo. On looking more carefully, I saw the illustration of Simpkins and Denzil peering out through a hole Denzil has burned in a door.  I'd be interested to know what others see! The next oddity is the title. Often I do a google search before titling a book to make sure I haven't made a Replay-(Post 29) type problem. In this case I didn't. Unbelievably, neither I nor anyone else involved noticed we'd used the title of a famous film. Oops. 
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