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Timothy Whuffenpuffen-Whippersnapper

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Timothy Whuffenpuffen-Whippersnapper (Post 72)

Timothy Whuffenpuffen-Whippersnapper (1995), is a book where I let my taste for creating bizarre names riot through the pages. Every year, Marcus Whippersnappe receives a peculiar gift from his great uncle, Hinkley. This year, Uncle Hinkley has outdone himself by sending Marcus a squirming parcel containing a magical dragon that has served the Whippersnapper family for generations. Timothy Whuffenpuffen-Whippersnapper has the marvellous attribute of changing size, so, from being able to fit into a parcel in the post, he can easily expand to full size.
Along with a cast of characters named Amanda Barton-Boote, Petronella Patella, Zack Meaney, Fergus McDaftie, Antony Andrew Winterbottom and more, Marcus and Timothy embark on an adventure to find out what has happened to Uncle Hinkley.

Initially, I set this story in Nowhere Else, but the publisher assumed it was set in the UK. I pointed out that Nowhere Else is in Tasmania, but as usual I had to accept the inevitable. The expanding dragon is based on an idea I had when I was young. I used to love riding, but busy traffic made the roads unpleasant and tightly-wired gates made the far difficult to traverse. (I could undo the gates but couldn't do them up again so I had to carry a roll of twine in my pocket.) It occurred to me that it would be handy if my pony could be shrunk down to pocket size so I could negotiate gates, walls and traffic and then ride again when conditions were favourable. I used this idea again later in A Pocket Unicorn (2000). In latter years I've been amused by the expandable towels one can buy.

I had a lovely time writing about Timothy. Why Timothy? It's a fine old name, but to me it sounds polite and unassertive. Not sure why; maybe because a childhood friend used to refer to her brother Tim as "Mothy". Or maybe it was the association with the feathery timothy grass. Timothy Whuffenpuffen is a supremely courteous dragon, who refers to family and friends as Miss or Master like the old retainer he is.

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