Thursday 14 May 2020

Queen of the May

Well, it's been a while! I just wrote a FB post and suddenly remembered my blog. So, here it is, polished up.

My new romance Queen of the May is available right now! HERE.

May Day, I thought... might write a book for May Day. So I did. As a few of my local friends might possibly remember, way, way back in the day the Devonport Choral Society put on the light operetta Merrie England. 1979, that must have been... May, that must have been. In Merrie England, there's a song called The May Queen Comes. I've always loved the music from Merrie England, and I got to sing some of it on stage. I'm not the best singer in the word by a long chalk, but Mum and Dad were musical, and my sister did the photography, and I got to be part of the chorus. So, I sang and danced and had a village maiden's costume. It was wonderful fun.

Mind you, I got married a week after the show ended, so that was a busy year.

I think all this was in the back of my mind when I was writing Queen of the May. This book isn't autobiographical in any way. Lucy isn't in Merrie England. She's NOT in a musical called Queen of the May, and that's the whole point. She could have played the lead, but she didn't. (No way could I have ever played the lead, or even a named part.)

Nevertheless, I got to invent a new musical, and play with costumes, and interesting china, and invent a loved series of children's books... oh, this book has all sorts of the things I love in it.

Queen of the May is part of a long running series, but it stands alone easily, because most of the characters are new or have appeared only once before, in tiny supporting roles. 

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